Disneyana Fan Club Convention 2012 Part 1

Disneyana Fan Club Convention 2012 Wrap-up Post 1

 The Disneyana Fan Club Convention was held July 19 – 22 in Anaheim, California.  I’ve been attending yearly for the past few years.  It’s always a good time with awesome speakers that teach us about all things Disney.  It’s an awesome time for any Disney fan.

I originally was going to do this in one post, but it’s way too long.  It’ going to be broken up into two, maybe three posts.

My group of Disney friends and I arrived at Disneyland on July 17th to help celebrate Disneyland’s 57th birthday.  We had lots of fun riding a bunch of rides.  Unfortunately, I missed riding my favorite ride, Pirates of the Caribbean because I almost fainted from heat exhaustion.  Thankfully my friend Sharon (thank you again!) grabbed me, found a cool place for me to sit and made me drink lots of cold water so I wouldn’t faint.  It was hot that day.  And heat is never my friend.  While I’ve never fainted because of heat, I’ve come close and that was one of those times.

Anyway, one of my favorite things during the day was watching fireworks go off along Main Street, USA as we sang Happy Birthday to Disneyland.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take pictures of the fireworks :(.

At night, we went to a special event to listen to some special speakers.  We went to a part of Disneyland I hadn’t been to before.  Shocker, huh? 

We were in Aladdin’s Oasis, which I’ve walked by but never explored.  Here’s the outside.

Aladdin’s Oasis at Disneyland

This is a lion statue on the inside.

Lion Statue Cave inside Aladdin’s Oasis

These are our guest speakers.  John Muskgee and Ron Clements who have worked together on many things, but they talked about The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.  Click on their names to find out more about their works.

Ron Clements and John Musker being interviewed

 One trivia thing we learned – The song A Part of Your World was almost scrapped from The Little Mermaid.   The animator of the scene went to bat for the scene and saved it. 

The next day, Wednesday, we stayed at the hotel getting ready for the Convention. We helped get things set up for the next few days.  We filled goody bags, got silent auction prizes ready, and cut out burlap chair scarves (I was covered with burlap for the rest of the day!).  My favorite thing I did was play with the hot glue gun.  I put together table decorations with the hot glue gun.  I’d never used one before.  It’s a lot of fun.  Does anyone need hot gluing done?

Thursday was the official start of the convention.  We checked ourselves in the afternoon and set up a silent auction for dinner that night.  The night’s dinner was a Goofy Celebration (Goofy is 80 years old) and a benefit for Ryman Arts.  Ryman Arts is a program that helps students learn about the arts.  We hold a benefit for it every year.  Click the link above to find out more about Ryman Arts.

Unfortunately, again, I forgot my camera for this event.

Our speakers for the night were a couple of Ryman students who told us how Ryman had affected their lives.  Both girls graduated high school and are currently attending college.  They were absolutely thrilled to be at the benefit so that they could tell us about their experience with Ryman and the fact that some Disney animators and legends were in attendance.

And on that note, each table had a special guest – a Disneyana Fan Club Legend.  The legend we had at our table was Dickie Jones and his wife.  Dickie Jones was the voice of Pinocchio.  Both of them were very sweet and lovely dinner guests. Also, Dickie Jones brings his own pen to sign things.  He keeps a blue Sharpie and a blue ballpoint pen with him because he doesn’t like to sign in black.  Why?  He says black can be altered in photographs or photocopies but blue can’t.  He signed a marionette doll of Pinocchio for the live auction – right on the legs so there would be no question that he signed it.

And since it was a Goofy Celebration, who better to be our main speaker, but Goofy himself?  Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy, is always entertaining, and on this night it was no different.  He had us laughing throughout his speech.  He told us that as the years go by, he feels like he’s more like Goofy in a lot of ways.  He told us how he fell off his ladder while putting up Christmas Tree lights, had his pants ripped off on the first rose bush he fell on and continued on to fall into a second rose bush all while having Christmas lights tangle all over the place.  Isn’t that just something you can see the real Goofy doing?

We had a really fun night and start to our convention.  I’ll continue with the fun in later posts.  Have a wonderful weekend all!

Oh and that silent auction and live auction I mentioned we had at the dinner?  We raised $7,000 for Ryman Arts!

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  1. #1 by Rhonda Hopkins on July 27, 2012 - 7:00 pm

    I’ve never heard off Disneyana before. Thank you for sharing with us. It sounds like you had a great time! Except for the nearly fainting of course. Take care of yourself!

  2. #3 by Jolyse Barnett on July 28, 2012 - 1:40 pm

    Wow, Melissa! Not only did you attend the convention but it sounds like you were one of the gals in charge of organizing for its success. Good for you! Thanks for the Goofy story. It does sound like something the character would do. :)

    • #4 by Melissa Smith on July 29, 2012 - 8:59 pm

      Not in charge, just a volunteer. :) It was fun. Goofy was definitely a highlight.

  3. #5 by Nikki Jefford (@NikkiJefford) on July 31, 2012 - 7:10 am

    OMG – is there a better place in the world to hold a convention than Disneyland? I think not!

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